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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic-dentistryThere was a time when dentists only used to offer the basic dental services such as treatment of oral diseases but these days, there are many modern services that are being offered by the dental clinics this is what we call cosmetic dentistry. It refers any kind of dental services that aims to enhance the appearance of the gums or teeth. It is important to understand the various types of cosmetic dentistry so that you will have a good idea about these services before you decide to opt for one or more of them.

Teeth Whitening

Let’s face it, everyone wants to have shiny white teeth but unfortunately we are not born with it. However, fear not, because you can opt for teeth whitening services. It is a very common type of cosmetic dentistry because many people prefer to opt for it. You have the option of buying the whitening gel should in the market and these gels are quite cheap but they cannot provide you with the kind of result that you are expecting. For this, you will have to visit a dental clinic because they know how to take care of your needs and offer you the whiteness that you are looking for. A dentist will charge you more, no doubt, but you will also get a better result.


If your teeth do not have a very good shape, then you can also correct this problem by opting for teeth contouring. It is a procedure that is carried out to reshape teeth without the use of braces. In fact, this can be done in just one sitting! So, if you have a misaligned, crooked or chipped tooth, you know which service to opt for.

Filling replacement

Once upon a time, fillings were made using mercury but this is not good for health. So in order to correct this problem, you need to replace the fillings. The new fillings are no longer silver in color but they are just the normal teeth color.

Dental Bonding

This refers to any kind of wear and tear of the teeth. Over a long period of time, teeth can crack, become crooked, change color, chip or decay. The treatment for any of these issues refers to composite dental bonding. Through these services, people can regain their beautiful smile again!

You can find out more information on the various types of cosmetic dentistry by checking with a local dental clinic near you.